Call for applications : Ode for Cecilia’s Day & Te Deum


(This is now out of date).

Call for applications is open for the next Generation Baroque workshop: HANDEL, CHARPENTIER and… dance!

The next Generation Baroque session will offer an opportunity to sing/play outstanding masterworks in a context of rejoicing. At the same time we will recreate a now-neglected celebration that is particularly attractive and convivial for us musicians: Saint Cecilia’s day (22 November).

And in addition to offering the opportunity to (re)discover two exceptionally fine works, it will feature a wholly innovative experiment: the glorious Te Deum of Charpentier, which expresses exhilaration through grace, combines the grandeur of the Grand Motet with the art of dance! Its principal sections are founded on specific and perfectly identified dance characters: Rigaudon, Marche, Symphonie de guerre, Menuet, Sarabande, Gavotte.

Pierre François Dollé will conceive and perform a choreography in accordance with the style and the spirit of the work’s origins. Although this Te Deum has probably never been danced before, it will express in modern times the message, the subtext that, at the time, spoke directly to everyone’s spirit and body. 
This is rare opportunity to experience a genuine interaction between music and dance – and dancers! – which is the essence of French Baroque.


  • Handel’s Ode for Cecilia’s Day, sung in English: a celebration of music and its symbolic representation of the harmony of the universe, for soloists, choir and orchestra;
  • M. A. Charpentier’s Te Deum, sung in Latin (French pronunciation): a celebration of the King of Kings through music and… dance, an inseparable partner and basis of music at the court of France (choreography and dance by Pierre-François Dollé, with video projection).

Supervised by soloists from Le Parlement de Musique, under the direction of Martin Gester assisted by Stéphanie Pfister (violin). We call on interested musicians and singers to apply to participate for the period 19-22 November.

Forces required

  • strings: violins, hautes-contres/tailles (i.e. violas), viola da gamba, cello/basses de violon, double bass.
  • 2 oboes (possibly doubling recorder)
  • 2 recorder & 1 flute
  • bassoon
  • theorbo (position already filled)
  • organ and harpsichord
  • 2 trumpets and timpani
  • solo singers: sopranos/dessus, high tenor/haute contre, tenor/taille, baritone/basse taille or basse (not very low)
  • singers for the ensemble (choir of 12: S, Hc/A – also female or falsetto altos – T, B including soloists). 


  • Choreographer : Pierre François Dollé
  • String coach: Stéphanie Pfister
  • Basso continuo & vocal coach : Aline Zylberajch
  • Musical and overall director: Martin Gester

Application process

Applications should be sent as soon as possible, and if possible before 30 September  to:

They must include:

  • the completed application form, to be downloaded : GB formulaire auditions 2020.
  • a CV/résumé
  • copy of the identity card or the passport
  • audio or video files mentioned under ‘Auditions’
  • if desired, one or two letters of recommendation from recognized teachers/performers.

Candidates who have participated in a recent Generation Baroque session are not required to send letters of recommendation or recordings. But, for singers, it is preferable to send  recordings of short excerpts in the languages mentioned above.


The candidates will be auditioned remotely for the most part (via video files in max. 720 pp definition, links to Youtube or Vimeo, or audio files) and a selection will be made ASAP before mid-October. Live auditions may be held at the beginning of October in Paris, Strasbourg or Basel, only if necessary, for certain positions. 

The results of the auditions will be published by 20 October at the latest.

The candidates undertake to make themselves available for all rehearsals during the three or two days (depending on the positions) preceding the concert. They undertake to arrive having duly practised their part.

Reminder of the audition program
  • 2 pieces or excerpts of vocal works (approx. 8-10 min.)
  • one by Handel or Purcell in English, with some vocalizations.
  • the other in Charpentier’s French Latin, F. Couperin, Campra or any other French composer of the time.
  • Strings, oboe, flutes, bassoon:
    • 2 contrasting movements of the work of Handel or Corelli, or similar, possibly partitas soloists of Bach or Telemann.
    • 2 contrasting movements by François Couperin with bc.
  • Other positions: contact us (contact or tel 06 61 79 47 75)

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